Benro B Series New Head Review

Monday, 17 May 2010 11:41

I thought at one time “fine” was not collected with photography equipments, only” solid, durable, is the adjective belongs to them, But precious design could attract me is Benro head




Live on the wages of men who always do not like show their equipments, In the final analysis, is not enough money to show. Although some time, I would bring the money which would buy cosmetics for my wife, buy photographic equipments, but It is not a long –term option, There is a reason that the price of photographic equipment is very big, so hundreds Yuan is camera, and thousands Yuan is camera too. It is the same to buy camera, and buy another accessories too. Although everyone know this reason “A penny saved is a penny gained “, but the true price and high quality is their needs for wage earner, Most people said the camera could worse, but the accessories must better, So far as the head goes, I find most people use the world name brand, I must touch my flat burse, and said ”insist is victory” ,till one day, I get Benro b-1 head which is made in China, and feel the differences of quality about these needed accessories, which would not bring the different price.

Benro B-1

I thought at one time “fine” was not collected with photographic equipments, only” solid, durable, is the adjective belongs to them, But precious design could attract me is Benro head, At first glance, the appearance of Benro B-1 head, It has let me exciting, Is it made in China ? Foreign brand ARCA, KIRK is also more Than This.

In appearance, Benro B-1 head have anodized surface treatment; users do not worried about peeled of painting. all kinds of knobs are tally with ergonomic, are very easy operation, the main knob and macro knob have engraved damp graduation with silk-screen, so It is very professional, the damping adjustment and locking device have redesigned, to achieve a real damper adjustment and greater locking force, at the same time, do not appear some kind of locking problem products, and structure more secure.

No matter how beautiful is the workmanship, It is the most of steady, Whether the tripod is steady, Only depend on Whether it could support all equipments, It is the main key, I do not have the professional test equipment, but could Make a test too, put the camera with telephoto lenses install Benro B-1 head, the result is not have any shakes, It is out my image, few photographers could “torture” their head.

There are many head quick board to choose ,which is designed by Benro company, quick board is U, PC, PS and PL 4 series ,PC is side wall with a generic quick board, (a total of 4) applicable to a variety of cameras at the bottom; PU is general non-common wall plate (a total of nine models), PS series dedicated camera plate, corresponding with the Canon 5D, Nikon D200 and other cameras (a total of 11); PL is telephoto special lens board (a total of 5),These quick board could matched with all cameras, Especially the large frame camera ,the contact surface is bigger.

No matter what said, as a domestic brand, which could make this precious head, t is very valuable, remembered that broke camera because the head can not lock the camera tightly, Benro let me very comfortable, at the same time the reasonable price, believe more photographers would let Benro tripod B series have a good market.

Specification of Benro travel angle carbon fiber series

model sectiion biggest diameters Smallest diameters closed weight(kg)
C068M8+B00+PU40 4 22(mm) 13(mm) 361 0.84
C-069M8+B-00+PU-40 5 22(mm) 10(mm) 334 0.84
C168M8+B-0+PU50 4 25 (mm) 16 (mm) 398 1.29
C-169M8+B-0+PU-50 5 25 (mm) 13 (mm) 358 1.31
C268M8+B-1+PU-60 4 28 (mm) 19 (mm) 427 1.62
C-269M8+B-1+PU-60 5 28 (mm) 16 (mm) 375 1.60


Following is the changes of Benro B series head:

1、Appearance, workmanship is raise the bar.

New pattern B series head have anodic oxidation treatment; the external use of more precise and rounded corners to deal with the processing means, the appearance looks like luxurious.

New generation of B series head used etched metal surface technology, the 3 adjustment knob is more reasonable than the previous design let the operation is very comfortable.

New generation of B series head canceled 3 screws, at the same time, attachment the website of Benro company in the stainless steel ring.

New generation of B series head whose clamping plate of quick board is different of the last Benro head, It is adopted the hexagonal bolts to fix. You could use matched hexagonal wrench to facilitate the clamping plate of quick board.

2、operate steady and outstanding.

New generation of B series head whose damping adjustment and locking devices to re-design, structure is more secure and operation is very smooth, the use is more effective, thereby achieve a more robust lock, but lock the phenomenon does not occur.

New generation of B series head whose external damping adjustment knob and position locking button also re-design.

Damping control button and locking position used 90 degree layout, more in line with the ergonomics. Be removed the damping control and locking tool button can not removed in the absence of tool, thereby preventing lost.

3、 use, comfortable

New generation of B series head changed the last anti-PTZ insurance agency, and used the ARCA, RRS, KIRK international brands such as anti-common nail design, this design makes make  clamping surface of head is longer, locking screw is shorter, It is more convenient and faster use all kinds of quick board.


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