Benro | C-1681 Travel Angel Carbon Fiber Tripod review

Friday, 23 April 2010 10:50

Benro Travel Angel C-1681 carbon fiber tripod for the quasi-professional SLR users, to meet the needs of most of the daily shoot




Tripod from a big, high-load continuous improvement, from design to material change is all toward a more stable, more lightweight efforts. From the initial stage and then to the wood to aluminum alloy materials are now carbon fiber, lightweight tripod manufacturers constantly on the road exploration, innovation. Today, as we introduced this Benro C-1681 carbon fiber tripod is 100 Enoch travel angel series, from its name you can see this product stable form of both small and easy to carry.

Portable, reverse fold

Benro Travel Angel C-1681 carbon fiber tripod equipped with a portable backpack, there are 1cm thick walls protect the foot during the first portable outdoor photo, the second is to provide good protection, very practical. Visual portable package the size of it can not be with a 4 foot tube design, the tripod together

180 feet through innovative management reverse folding system, 100 Connaught C-1681 can use the state in non-effectively reduce storage space, thus greatly improving the convenience of carrying tripod. By reverse-folding design, Benro C-1681 can be removed from luggage aboard a plane trouble.

Foot pipe material system

Prior to this, I have used Benro other a carbon fiber 5 foot tube design, the tripod was Benro used carbon fiber n6 material texture is very good, to the author left a deep impression, my friends are all appreciated. This tour today with an angel C-1681 uses a new magnesium carbon fiber material, and Benro n6 carbon fiber compared to the second generation, the new generation of carbon fiber magnesium M8 Benro carbon fiber tube using the latest high-strength improvement eight-story three-dimensional textile technology, the intensity is much higher.

Benro Travel Angel C-1681 uses a 4 foot pipe tightening type design, at all levels between the legs tube diameter difference is very small, do not underestimate this little place, its great influence on the stability. C-1681 to ensure that the small diameter drop this little guy has a very powerful support for the same performance.

Tighten the plastic holder seemingly ordinary but in fact the hidden mystery, it has a stopper system, dustproof, waterproof to 1. Can put an end to the upper and lower leg tube coaxial rotating section, improving the performance of fast retractable, just ten seconds of time can be quickly started. At the same time, it's especially designed to prevent dust entering the outdoor photo bad environment can be assured.

External pull-type angle adjusting mechanism

Through the outer foot pipe pull-style shoulder flap angle can easily adjust the tripod to the point of satisfaction. This mechanical structural design principles to achieve reliable, durable and easy to operate. Travel Angel C-1681 this high, two adjustable angles, the user can select the appropriate support real perspective.

Magnesium alloy components

Benro Travel Angel C-1681 uses the metal parts of magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy compared to the past, lighter weight, better shock absorption properties, impact resistance stronger. Indeed, worse than the hardness of aluminum magnesium, but by different ratio, 100 Connaught magnesium alloy metal used in the performance is excellent. Extensions

Spring hook: a scalable high-strength hook for easy hanging carry goods (such as camera bags, etc.) can also be passed in the outdoor hanging weights to strengthen the stability of a tripod.

Benro foot tube separation technology in the tourism Angels C-1681 has also been reflected. The special pin fittings, smooth and reliable, high precision. The separation of the feet and head tube plate connections, C-1681 turned it into a monopod a more lightweight and small, to help the user in low light stable support.

180 degrees, this design greatly reduces the storage space and improve the convenience of a tripod; more light refers to the weight of its 0.78kg, 6kg of weight-bearing capacity, described as a commercial product with the class leader; more robust the name suggests is a new generation of M8 Benro carbon fiber high-strength magnesium production process, vertical, horizontal and integrated intensity relative to older have a very significant increase; ALR tube feet used for fast lock braking systems and QLS system to C-1681 brings a more rapid start, admission, operation speed of more than play button products.

Benro Travel Angel C-1681 carbon fiber tripod for the quasi-professional SLR users, to meet the needs of most of the daily shoot


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