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Written by William Liu Thursday, 04 March 2010 10:41

This is a 4-Way Macro Focusing Rail Review from our customer William Liu after he used product 4-Way Macro Focusing Rail Manufacturer Website: (Thanks lankforddl!!!!!)



I am here to review toe 4-Way Macro Focusing Rail I purchased from eBay a while back. I would like to start off by saying I have not used any other macro focusing rails so all my comments need to be taken with that in mind. This is also my first review so forgive me for leaving out any important details, ask and I shall answer =)

First and foremost, photos! The ones that look grainy and have my DSLR in it are taken with a point and shoot, the ones that don't have my DSLR in it are taken by my camera =) (Wish I had two DSLRs, someday, but currently a P&S will have to do) Please forgive the cat hair on the product, I have two cats, so rest assure those are not cracks or anything in the product.







This macro rail is made of plastic, metal, and rubber. The top and bottom (where it contact the camera and tripod) are rubber. The rubber is connect to the plastic parts and the plastic parts are screwed to the rest of the body. The control knobs are metal but the tightening knobs are are plastic. The knob to screw the macro rail into the camera is also plastic. Note: Some knobs are plastic, but the screws they connect to are metal.

It is black. The axises it moves on have centimeter markings.

Well, I place my camera on it and twist the knobs and it moves the camera back and forth, exactly what it is suppose to do. As you can see by the photos, it is holding up my camera in a completely vertical position with the tightening screws NOT engaged. I imagine it can hold a lot more weight once I engage the tightening screws. The tightening screws introduce more resistance when turning the control knobs.

Note: it is holding up a Canon T1i, Battery Grip with two LP-E5 batteries, 430EX II flash unit with 4 batteries, and a Sigma 105mm Macro lens (the heaviest lens I own).

It cost me about $46 USD shipped. I am not sure where it falls short compared to other macro rials, but unless they take the photo for you, I can't imagine them beating this for value!

When I first saw this product I was extremely skeptical as I have seen other macro rails cost over $100 USD easily. However, my wife wouldn't let me spend much money so I thought to give this a try. As far as I can tell this product does the job it is suppose to do. It is made of metal and is pretty strong, I imagine you need a pretty hefty camera to weigh this thing down. The price was rather good IMO. I hope this review will prove useful to someone else. Don't be afraid to buy this product!

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