Customer Test - Aputure AP-WR3C Wireless Remote Switch

Written by Alex_Venom Saturday, 18 July 2009 05:36

Being extremely annoyed to pay US$ 500 for the remote switch LC-5 from Canon I decided to give the Chinese brands a try and got myself a Aputure AP-WR3C Radio Frequency Remote Switch from eBay store Linkdelight.




It is cost US$ 20,00 plus US$ 5,00 shipping to Brazil. I have to say I didn't expect much for the price, but hey! If it would shoot my camera when I press the button, that would me more than enough.

With very low expectations I opened the box and got myself a very pleasant surprise: The equipment is reasonably well finished and even the batteries are included.
Now, what's in the box:

- Aputure remote switch
- Aputure receiver
- 2 AAA batteries for the receiver
- 1 12v small battery ( Shocked ) for the switch
- Instruction manual


I have no idea of why the switch needs a 12V battery, but my guess is that it needs all that power to hit the 30 meters range announced by the manual. While I didn't test that distance yet, I did test inside a building (Reinforced Concrete floor) and were able to go three floors down while still being able to operate my camera. Shocked

The operation is very simple and forward. You put the batteries on, plug the receiver in the Remote Control port of your camera, set the frequency , turn it on and you're good to go.
Now, each in the switch and the receiver you have 4 small keys to set the frequency. You just have to put the same combination on both for it to work. It permits up to 16 photographers work together with the same brand/model switches without interfering between themselves.


The button on the switch is a two stage button just like the 40D one. When you half press the button, the camera will focus and the LEDs (one on the switch and one on the receiver) will turn GREEN. Then you push it fully and the LEDs will turn RED and the camera will shoot. (see the red LEDs on the image above).

The kind of shooting will depend on how you set your camera Drive:
- For single shot, if you press the button it will take one shot and stop
- For burst, if you hold the button, it will keep on shooting (*more on that in a moment)
- You can even start the timer shooter with it.

Now, one interesting thing is that you can use BULB mode with it! You press the button for 3 seconds and the remote "locks" pressed keeping the shooter opened. Then you press it again after some time and it will "unlock" closing the shooter.
While this is fun, it can lead to an issue while in burst mode. Let's say you want to make a burst of 4 seconds. You set the camera for Hight Speed Burst and hold the button for 4 seconds. It will lock and your camera will keep on shooting until you press the button again to unlock. It's easy to walk around this, but it can get you by surprise if you don't expect it.


For 22 times less money you get a pretty similar item to the Canon's LC5. It's not as well finished and does look MUCH cheaper, but works flawlessly and solves most of the shooting problems for the price of a wired remote.
I think this is worthy and would highly recommend this for anyone needing a remote switch. I can't say much about durability, but it's so cheap that if it breaks, you can just get yourself another one Wink

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