Tips of Cleaning Your Digital Camera

Written by Susan Monday, 22 March 2010 10:41

A clean Digital Camera not only looks better, but it also will work better, Small point and shoot digital cameras have little to clean. The exterior needs to be kept clean with camera cloth or other lint free cloth.



A clean Digital Camera not only looks better, but it also will work better, Small point and shoot digital cameras have little to clean. The exterior needs to be kept clean with camera cloth or other lint free cloth. The front lens element needs to be cleaned with canned air to keep it dust free. The eyepiece and front lens element should be periodically cleaned with lens tissue and lens cleaner. Digital single  lens reflex (SLR) cameras are more complicated.


The step-by-step instructions provided here are primarily aimed at point-and-shoot-type digital cameras. Those with a digital SLR-type camera may need to clean the image sensor occasionally, too.

Keep in mind when looking at this list that you might not need every supply listed here to clean your digital camera's various components. The first item, a microfiber cloth, is the one you need above all others because of its ability to clean all parts of your point-and-shoot digital camera. Your camera store should be able to sell you an anti-static microfiber cloth, which should be free of all chemicals and oils.

1、Microfiber cloth (stored in a plastic, re-sealable bag to protect it)
2、Lens cleaning paper (may substitute clean, soft, cotton cloth)
3、Lens cleaning fluid (may substitute a few drops of clean water) A small, soft-bristle brush

Do not use these items to clean your lens or LCD screen under any circumstances:

Canned air (it expels the air so forcefully that it could drive dust and particles into the camera housing if it isn't airtight)

1、Paper towels
2、Paper napkins
3、Any cloth with particles on it
4、Any rough cloth
5、Excessive liquid
6、Coarse-bristle brush
7、Any type of liquid cleaning agent, unless your camera store or the camera manufacturer specifically recommends it


Professional Lens Cleaning Kit for Digital Camera including :

  • • Power Blower
  • • Cotton Swabs
  • • Cleaning Cloth
  • • Lens Cleaning Paper
  • • Cleaning Liquid x1
  • • Retractable Brush
  • • Portable Bag


1、Thoroughly clean the exterior of the camera with a soft, dry lint-free cloth. These can be purchased at a camera store or you can use any chemical-free soft cloth you have available. Clean the exterior first to prevent dust and dirt from falling into the camera when you remove the lens.

2、Clean the mirror and the focusing screen with canned air. You can also lock up the mirror and clean the sensor with canned air if it is required. Never touch the sensor or use anything on the sensor besides canned air. The sensor is only exposed when the mirror flips up during exposure. While you need to clean the focusing screen and mirror regularly, it is unusual to have to clean the sensor. Since replacing the sensor is very expensive you should take it to a camera service specialist if you are not sure. Usually the camera and mirror will only have dust to clean off. Hold the camera body face down when cleaning to allow dust to fall off rather then back into the camera body. If the mirror is smudged you can use a small amount of lens cleaner and lens tissue to clean it.

3、Clean the front element of the lens with canned air to remove the dust. If the lens is smudged use lens tissue and a small amount of lens cleaner to clean off the smudges. You can use skylight filters to protect the front of the camera lens. Make sure you remove the filter and clean both sides of the filter as well as the front of the camera lens.

4、It is very important to clean the rear element of the lens. The light is more focused when it passes through the rear element and dust on the rear elements will cause more artifacts then the dust on the front element. Clean the rear element in the same manner as the front element with canned air and then lens tissue and cleaner.

5、Clean the camera back and top glass areas. Always clean the eyepiece in the same way you clean any lens. The operating screen and viewing screen are not as critical as the other glass parts of a camera, but I always clean them the same way as I clean the lens. It is very important to be consistent in cleaning your camera. Never use any cleaning supplies that are not manufactured for camera cleaning. Windex and other alcohol-based cleaners will damage camera elements. Facial tissue and paper towels are manufactured with chemicals that could damage camera elements. To be safe, always clean with the same materials that are recommended for cameras.


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