Using Benro C-1691M8 Tripod in Photography

Written by Andy Wednesday, 31 March 2010 03:30

Using a Benro C-1691M8 tripod can vastly improve the quality of your shots, and make your photography easier. The following steps will how to use Benro C-1691M8 tripod in Photography:




Using a Benro C-1691M8 tripod can vastly improve the quality of your shots, and make your photography  easier. The following steps will how to use Benro C-1691M8 tripod in Photography :

benro__c-1691m8_tripod.jpgAs this Benro 8x Carbon Fiber Travel Angel C-1691M8 Tripod, processed by precise machine, and assembled carefully by hands, offering absolute security and support. The high quality carbon fiber material ensures high strength and stability of the Benro tripod. Also, its lightweight and 180° folded inverted design system make it easily to carry. It is the photographers' first choice for outdoor shooting.


1. Monopod: This Benro C-1691M8 tripod have an extra function, one of the leg can be used to monopod, it is light and convenient, also give you other choice.

2. Carbon Fiber Tube: This is 2 nd generation carbon fiber, adopted 8 plies QUASI-ISOTROPIC structural design. The carbon fiber distributes by 6 axial three dimensions. The design, quality, stable structure and the intensity all surpassed your imagination.

3. Magnesium die –casting part: The die-casting parts of travel angel series is made of 100% magnesium which can reduce the weight of tripod. The parts have high strength and can load more weight.

4. Reversible Center Column: For special or low level macro shooting angle, Unscrew the hook, the center column can be inverted easily.

5. Plucking Angle Adjuster: Three angles, high, middle, low, allowing free adjustment according to your actual needs.

6. 180° Folded Inverted design system: With the newly designed structure, the Benro tripod leg can be folded inverted by 180°, makes it small enough to carry. And it can be taken to the air plane.

7. Quick Lock System: The quick lock uses the selected high elastic and durable natural rubber, making easy performance and allowing over using.

8. Spring Hook: Spring hook is to hang belongings like camera bags or heavy things to increase stability during windy days.

9. Transferable Rubber Feet: This rubber foot can be changed to spikes when you take photo in soil, sand, rocky cliffs or similar terrain to fix the tripod .

10. Closed Foam Grip: it will give you firm and comfortable feeling, especially in cold days, this cold resistant grip act as an insulator between the cold tripod leg and your hand.

11. Matching Ball head: Matching with professional B-0 ballhead . Adopt to drag adjustment and clamp plate system, easy operation.

• Universal Quick Clamps: This Benro Ballhead provide international-style QR plates and accessory compatibility.

• Extraordinary Ball Design: Extraordinary ball design offers high frictional damping allowing easy and smooth operation.

• 360° Panning: Accurate panoramas can easily be stitched together from photographs taken using the graduated panning scale.

• Patent dual lock quick release.

1、Make sure that you have the right C-1691M8 tripod and head to fit your camera.

2、Once you have your tripod, pick your subject and the location from which you would like to shoot . You should choose a relatively flat surface. Once you've chosen your location, decide on the height you will want the shot to come from.

3、Open the legs and extend them to the height you desire. Once you have the height set, lock the tripod legs in place. You can get specific directions on how to open, extend and lock the legs in place in your owners manual. This process may vary depending on your tripod's design.

4、Place the camera on the C-1691M8 tripod. This system may include a screw or clips, but screws are much more common. Once again due to variation in models, you will need to consult your owner's manual for instructions on how to do this. Once your camera is secure you can use the head to adjust the angle of the camera.

5、Line up your shot, and take your photos.


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