PTI9 Diagnostic Debug Test Card for Desktop PCI


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    PC LCD post test card Professional Version PTi9 is the computer repair tool developed by Waychan Technologies. The professional version has all the advantages of Accurate PTI6, while it has upgraded the chip solution, adapting three-level menu operation, adding hundreds of diagnostic codes (from authoritative institution). PTI8 could offer real-time monitoring on the voltage, and the professional function like key signal monitoring. With unique MutiPost technology, PCi8 is able to monitor most POST interface of most main board, and it is compatible with most of the popular main boards.
    PTI9 is fully compatible with PCI slots of all types of main board, it has being tested with many of the popular main boards (including brand PC and kludge PC), which involves mainstream products like INTEL and AMD (Lenovo, Asus, DELL, Toshiba , HP, etc). Also it has passed main board test with INTEL 815, INTEL 845, INTEL 865, INTEL 915, INTEL 945, INTEL 965, ATI SB600, ATI Xpress 200, ATI Xpress 1100, and AMD 480X chipset.

    The appearance of PTI9 is shown the four keys are: MENU, ENTER, UP, DOWN. Before entering the menu, the key 'MENU' function as menu key, while it is used as back key after entering the menu; ENTER key is for entering the next menu or choose some of the functions; UP is the page key, and could be used to check the previous diagnostic code; DOWN is the page key, and could be used to check the next diagnostic code.
    The six LED lights are 3.3V, CLK, RESET, FRAME, IRDY, SYSCLK. 3.3V is the power indicator light for PCI slot positive 3.3V voltage; CLK is the time output indicator light of PCI slot, and it shows micro light during normal condition; RESET is the reset indicator light of PCI slot, and it shines while resetting; FRAME is the FRAME indicator light of the PCI slot; IRDY is the IRDY indicator light for the PCI slot; SYSCLK is the system indicator light of this professional version, and it shines during normal condition.
    One diagnostic code could relate to different malfunction for different BIOS. This Mainboard LCD Post Card professional version has all the diagnostic code of AMI WIN BIOS version, and all the codes of AWARD 6.0 version, and all the codes of Phoenix 6.0, besides all these , this professional version added hundreds of diagnostic codes. The user should choose proper type according to related BIOS. There is 'BIOS Options' on the main menu, after pressing ENTER, there will be choices of AMI, AWARD, PHOENIX, choose the right kind of BIOS, and the screen would suggest that the BIOS has been chosen. The choice of BIOS would be saved when power is cut off.
    This professional version can check the validity of PCI key signal. There is 'basic choice' on the main menu, choose 'signal check', then the user can check the validity of the three signal: RST, IRDY, FRAME.
    The real-time voltage monitoring function make sit possible to have a full understanding of how every group of key power supply. There is 'voltage monitoring' option on the main menu, offering the real-time monitoring results of 3.3V, 5V , and 12V, these three group of voltage.
    The professional version offers two screen design, which makes it much more user-friendly. Try not to touch the welding spots while the two screens are working, to avoid white screen situation. If touch the welding spots by mistake and white screen appears , pls cut off the power supply and restart the card, then it will work normally again.

    PTI9 is only used for Desktop motherboard repair. It only supports PCI interface.

    1x PTI9 Diagnostic Debug Test Card for Desktop PCI
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