How to Choose The Right Battery Grip?

Written by Lily Tuesday, 23 March 2010 10:33

A battery grip is an accessory for an SLR/DSLR (and occasionally other cameras), which allows the camera to hold multiple batteries to extend the battery life of the camera



A battery grip is an accessory for an SLR/DSLR (and occasionally other cameras), which allows the camera to hold multiple batteries to extend the battery life of the camera, and adds a vertical grip with an extra shutter release (and other controls), facilitating the shooting of portrait photography.

It usually attaches to the camera body through the cameras own battery compartment and provides a cassette to hold additional batteries to increase the battery life for the camera. Most battery grips also come with a second cassette allowing the photographer to shoot using multiple AA batteries.

In many modern digital cameras with a wider range of power hungry features like image stabilization or LCD screens alongside powered auto focus systems, installed with an extra battery in the camera and use is very convenient. It will double the battery life, and soapproximately twice the number of shots you can take before recharging. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and Sony have to fit all battery grip on their digital SLR cameras.

Most camera manufacturers include a battery handles complex when shooting in portrait mode, making it much easier to use the camera to "use portrait" mode. In most cases, the camera controls on the handle, so there is that instead of turning to "use your wrists on the trigger, you can use on the shutter control The Battery Grip we take your pictures. Once you get used to this extra set of camera controls, it is hard to go back to the use of the camera in the conventional way!

Because the digital SLR cameras are getting smaller, offers the addition of a battery grip a little more space for a better camera handling. This helps stabilize the camera properly, and should help to control camera shake, especially when you zoom in on a regular basis or more tele -Lens.

Battery grips are available in several price ranges today. So, what do you do if you want the best at the cheapest price? The answer to this question lies within the World Wide Web such as : .

How to choose the right battery grip?

It is important to choose the right battery grip for your camera, as they usually are not interchangeable. Canon Battery Grip for the EOS camera lineup includes the BG-E3 model which) fits the Digital Rebel XT / XTI area (EOS350D and 400D outside the U.S., while the BG-E2N matches the recently released Canon EOS40D model. If you have the full-frame Canon EOS 5D model, you need the BG-E3 battery grip .

Nikon digital SLR owners can alsoadapt specific Nikon battery grip on her camera. If you have a Nikon D80 camera, you need to buy a Nikon MB-D80 Multi-Battery pack, while the owners of the Nikon D200 camera function will require the MB-D200 battery grip .

The installation of a battery grip for the camera is very simple. In the case of my Canon EOS 40D, it took less than 5 minutes from start to finish and involved, you simply remove the battery cover and attaching the battery grip with a large knurled wheel.

In summary, a Battery Grip will add a little extra weight and size to your camera, but the benefits are so much more than just an extra battery is installed. In fact, once a battery grip on your SLR camera, I doubt that you will not always, installed to remove it!

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