10 tips for taking pictures of aquarium fish

Written by 杨 道波 Thursday, 23 December 2010 11:53

It's never easy to take pictures of aquarium: low light, problems with the flash, the glass wall, the often small size of our individual residents (guppies, neons ...) and their movements sometimes incessant (among cichlid species are very easy to photograph (Discus Aulonocara) other will hide at the sight of the camera or lose their color (my male Ophtalmotilapia ventralis kitumba!).

1: Make sure the glass of the aquarium are clean, inside and outside. Make sure your tank is clean. Many images are marred by traces of algae or fingerprints on the windows (and that it is not seen in the viewfinder ...). The floor must be clean and clear water if the quality of your images will suffer. The ideal is to clean the aquarium previous days in order to take nice photos the big day can be used post-treatment with a good image processing software to improve but it is often tedious to remove traces of algae using the buffer ...

2: Turn off all lights in the room and make the darkness by closing the shutters to avoid unwanted reflections.

3: Use an objective adapté.En aquarium given the size of some fish it is good to have a macro lens if you have an SLR or a macro mode and a good optical zoom if c ' is a compact or bridge a 100 macro lens is helpful but not necessary a 50 mm may be suitable for all aquarium or plants or fish of good size.

4: To close the opening up while maintaining a minimum speed eg 1 / 125 th. And get a good PDC, I open up instead if I want my background to blur.

5: Use the manual focus because the autofocus is often pain, because of the glass and the lack of light.

6: Playing on the sensitivity of the shooting: In principle I use ISO 100 but in some cases (eg public aquariums where flash is prohibited) at ISO 800 setting allows you to take some shots anyway even if the noise appears.

7: Illuminate correctly: reef tanks illuminated so powerful with HQI can often do without the flash, sometimes adding one or two extra tubes in fresh water can also do without flash. Attention to single flash and direct set incorrectly can "burn" the pictures! We can deport a flash with a diffuser placed above the tank.

A single flash placed above the device can produce a shade more or less annoying as on my picture below

8: Avoid flash reflection in the window you can "paste" the goal against the glass or take a certain angle.

9: Daring to take pictures with your SLR appareil.Le is more for image quality and shutter speed, however, can be successfully photos absolutely correct with a simple compact or bridge.

10: Choose the most objective light possible and open up if you use a DSLR, and want to avoid using the flash.

In conclusion, be a good aquarium: fish love to treat them well, (a fish healthy and stress-free is always much more beautiful) well know and anticipate the behavior (mating, nesting, territorial defense ... ) a lot of patience to succeed with beautiful photos to seize the important moment.

Personally I am a crazy aquarium including cichlids although I also have a tank of seawater and some rare viviparous I thirty tanks and several well-known sites dedicated to this passion.

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