5 free software for photo HDR

Written by 杨 道波 Tuesday, 30 November 2010 10:46

We discussed several times the HDR photo, this technique allows to assemble multiple images with different exposure settings.

Photo by Paco CT, sister CC

I echo the words of Xavtek (Composer HDR images.) To define the HDR:


To begin, what is an HDR image?


In fact to understand the interest must already realize that the photos from our devices are not always able to make the entire range of existing light in the captured scene.

It is very obvious in the pictures taken inside churches where when capturing a landscape that includes a strong contrast between the sky and the ground for example.

You surely come to take a picture with some areas were "cramées" or "blocked"

The advantage of HDR I (High Dynamic Range Image: image with high dynamic range) is to allow the same file to combine multiple photos of the same subject but with different exposure settings.

This example will have the information necessary for the dark areas (under the arches, shadows of the columns) and clear zones (windows, interior lights) are all properly exposed and especially detailed (no blocked or burned areas).

Technically, a HDRI is composed of several pictures taken several steps in setting the exposure, it can be done on most devices.

Finally, these images contain more information than a standard file to be displayed on a screen or hard copy, and must therefore adapt our support for these images and perform a kind of mixture called "tonemapping.

It could refer to the article available here (Composer HDR images.) To learn more about HDR photo with Photoshop.

Photo by Mike9Alive, licensed under CC

Here today, 5 free software for HDR photo, which may be useful to complement the tutorial Xavtek:

1. FDRTools Basic (Windows, Mac)

Create HDR photos from multiple images, tone mapping, import RAW images.

2. Photomatix Basic (Windows)

Certainly the best known: it combines multiple images to create an HDR photo, and has a tone mapping function.

3. easyHDR Basic (Windows)

In the same way as other software, it allows you to create HDR photos from different images.

4. Photosphere (Mac, Linux)

Photoshphère is well known to Mac users, it is also available for Windows.

5. Qtpfsgui (Windows, Linux, Mac)

An excellent software for all platforms. A tutorial on this program was proposed here. (Making HDR images on Ubuntu (Linux))

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