Four methods to create an abstract photo

Written by 杨 道波 Tuesday, 17 August 2010 11:07

Editor's note : This article contains four methods to create an abstract photo  : Through the use of focus, light and shadow , curve, texture and so on . The key is to practice them , the more you practice , you will get better.



Selective focus is a simple and effective method. Select a large aperture allows smaller depth of field , focus against an interesting point , and the rest are blurred , it can make a picture out of focus intentionally .

There are two points to note :
1 . the background color and the focal point, such as different colors , the effect is more obvious ;
2 . the use of curves .

Light and shadow

The use of light and shadow can make the screen full of drama . We often mention the importance of light , but has not been a product with the light - shadow together. Shadow is not the light of shortcomings , on the contrary , given the existence of the shadow of light vitality , which describes the shape of the light , the combination of light and shadows will produce amazing results .


Power curve

Curve has a great influence , to some extent , the use of curve will make the picture becomes abstract .

Curve will form a curve combination , when this combination has the power to flow together , the screen will have a dynamic . Of course, the blind curve flows in all directions and do not have this effect .



The use of texture

Texture and the curve is often used in conjunction with its unified curve in the world , to make harmony .


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