Learn the photo studio with two desk lamps

Written by 杨 道波 Thursday, 11 November 2010 15:11

I propose an experiment illustrated: an introduction to the photo studio on the cheap, with two desk lamps.

Important: For your convenience, we prefer to be equipped with halogen lamps: bulb being smaller, the shadows are more pronounced, and so we will better realize the effects achieved by moving the lamps.

We need two lamps, then, and a background with his support.

For my part, I used a set of table, supported by a frame:

My "studio" then look like this:
As a subject, I chose just a few objects that I placed on the bottom:

Important information for the following:

- Care should be taken to use a tripod. The low power lights is offset by a longer exposure time, which requires that the device is stable.

- We will not dwell on the white balance in this article, but it will be essential to address. In the case of light "nonstandard" as is the case here, you can calibrate your photos with a device like the Digigrey example.

- End point: we always work in the dark: the color temperature of daylight is different from our lamps, and will therefore come parasitize the image if it is present.

Everything is ok? At work, so:

By changing the location and distance of the lamps, we will change the contrast, and image rendering.

Through experiments, we will position the lights sometimes near the "floor" and sometimes height, and also by changing the depth to the subject (front / back).

After some pictures, we realize the two following data:

- The higher the lamp is closer, the shadows are strong.
- The higher the lamp is removed, the more the shadows are soft.

We can have both hard and soft lighting, positioning the two lamps in totally different ways: one very close, the other very far.

Here's an example:

The resulting image is the following:

We see that the right lamp, positioned just above the first candle, just give contrast to the image, while the second, more distant, can give an overall softer lighting to the whole scene .

Soon we will be tempted to work with extra lights, with the ability to vary the intensity of each lamp ...
Then tinker diffusers and reflectors for the lamps.

In this case, you'll probably caught the virus from the studio ...

Before investing in equipment, it's exciting to make his own tests with desk lamps and equipment "home": one learns to have real control over the lighting, since we must do everything yourself , find its own tips with what we have on hand ...

It is for you!


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