Memo beginners: 7 checkpoints before taking a photo

Written by 杨 道波 Friday, 17 December 2010 11:22

Here are some fundamentals to properly read the information in the viewfinder of a camera, and think through all the elements to be checked before shooting.

This memo is intended for beginners, and aims to provide a simple method to control the important points.

This will naturally become automatic and unconscious over time.

1. Carefully choose where will be made the focus.

Which element is what I want to focus?

2. Watch the edges of the image and the horizontal

The image is so perfectly right? An element does he disrupt the reading being cut by the edges of the image? The framing is not it too tight?

3. Avoid placing the subject in the center and look at the makeup.

See Rule of Thirds (use the Rule of Thirds) and different Councils composition (composition rules in photography).

4. Monitor the flash: has t is needed?

The flash should be avoided as possible: open diaphragm or ride in sensitivity ISO are two possible alternatives.

5. Will we capture a frozen moment, or give a record of movement? Check the speed.

Know predict based on the rate used, and the focal length, if your subject will be frozen or blurred.

6. Is there a wish depth of field large or small? Check the diaphragm.

See related article on depth of field (depth of field).

7. Adjust the ISO according to other settings, remaining on a sensitivity as low as possible.

Using a low ISO, it avoids noise . Getting to know your equipment, but also know from which noise sensitivity is no longer tolerable.

These elements become reflexes after some practice time. Strive to control every time these 7 points is the best way to become quickly Automation

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