Nissin recently released the latest ring flash MF18

Written by 杨 道波 Monday, 20 September 2010 14:37

Recently , the Japanese Nisshin (Nissin) for the retail market, the company announced a new model MF18 ring flash products , the launch date and price not yet available.

The product supports color displays , the display data can be automatically horizontal / vertical conversion .

From the compatibility and hardware targets, the product supports Canon , Nikon , Pentax and Sony cameras, and TTL exposure control can be achieved , quite suitable for macrophotography Or photomicrography in the of medical and academic research which require delicate image. To this end , MF18 is equipped with a macro lens adapter for 39mm to 77mm diameter from the lens , the flash index is 16 (ISO 100). And also has a wireless , high-speed synchronization and My TTL custom settings and other functions.

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