Successful outdoor portraits photography

Written by 杨 道波 Monday, 22 November 2010 11:03

Unlike shooting in studio, outdoor portraits are most difficult to master because the light is not directed according to our wishes.

However, my favorite by far, taking portraits outdoors for several reasons, one essential: the conditioning of the "model". Outside the walls of a studio, the person that is photographed is more comfortable will be more natural in their attitudes and expressions.

But to make good portraits outdoors, it must still adapt to several things: The natural light ever-varying scenery and not always Folichon.

It is in the movements that you get the best pictures:

If you work with your model (e), let (a) arise naturally, does not impose forced poses and wait for movement. Remember to be ready to shoot. There's always something in the eye during a movement and that's when you get the picture.

Photo taken during a cigarette poses:

The decor is also important, at a reception for instance, if one wishes to photograph each of those present, it is better to make tight framing in order to avoid the "members" in too. And again, they expect something happens ... A glance, a smile and a 300 mm ...

Angle of view, attitude and expression. Three important factors:

Photos photojunkie

Outside, the scenery gives any information about what is happening where the photo was taken and in what condition, which was not always a plus for your images. To you to pay attention and to conclude whether or not this fund should be part of the picture.

Here the background is interesting to show the general environment that provides important information to the portrait, as can be mistaken for a report:

As you see in the picture, the characters are in their natural context, engaging in their occupation and therefore adopt a natural position. A broader and better picture composition are important to restore the ambience and personality of subjects. The black and white is often a good choice to accent everything.

The No. 1 enemy, the Shadow: Now that you've admitted the interest in outdoor portraits see together how to adopt the correct exposure.

If the contrast is too high, do not hesitate to use an additional light source to decrease. Using the flash in daylight against the sun (fill-in) allows you to balance artificial light and daylight and can therefore lead to the shadows.

If you do not have a model: Do not worry, you will find topics everywhere, and if you want to prevent people on the street, go to an event where people are captivated by what is happening, a show by example. Watch the crowd and shoot the slightest expression. And if someone notices you, do not hide your camera, keep your finger on the trigger and made rather a panning to make it appear that you find a topic and he will think you're not interested in him.

Have fun!


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