Techniques for photographing the sun

Written by 杨 道波 Tuesday, 07 December 2010 11:43

As we know, very sunny days are not ideal for photo output. And even less for the portrait sessions.

However, we do not always have a choice. Here's how to get out to get successful shots.

Photo by Jos van der Plas

Use the flash!

The flash allows you to balance the sunlight with another source of light. The sun's position as the middle of the day, to the effect of crushing the shadows.

To find relief, feel free to use a second source of light.

Cheating with the sun

If you can not avoid the sun, and you can not find a area to place your model in the shadows, made him turn his head so that the face is in shadow.

Then use the flash to illuminate the darkness.

You can also use a reflector to achieve the same result.

Avoid too much contrast

We know the human eye can see and analyze a range of tones much larger than the sensor of a camera.

If part of the scene is very dark, and one very clear (eg outdoor scene in the summer, at midday, with parts in the shade), the device will have the choice between:

- "Cramer" highlights

- "Butcher" shadows.

In general it is better to bite the shadows rather than highlights Cram. But if you can avoid it, so far benefit.

It can also increase the tonal range using HDR.

Playing with sun

We can use the disadvantages of a sunny day as creative tools.

For example, the reflections of sunlight on the lens, the cons-days, the silhouettes ... are avenues to exploit!

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