The best way to add height to your photos

Written by 杨 道波 Wednesday, 17 November 2010 15:47

Whether for a picture of mountain, sea or even a flower, it is interesting, often break the rules if they contribute nothing to the picture and thus give another dimension to your shots.

In this photo, I took the boat off a bridge in decentering the subject in order to give him more space, isolated in this way in a large expanse of turquoise water. But make no mistake, there was this day twenty identical to this one landing in a narrow corridor. Hence the interest to take the height, and your camera takes another dimension!

Photo photojunkie

The interest not to take photos at a high standard and not to the horizon in the center of the photo is to bring more depth and interest to your landscape. And it will increase even more if you use a wide angle or if you crop your panoramic photo.

For a picture of mountains, do not do like everyone else, taking her down the path, or road. This view, everybody knows it and does not really give the size of the rock.

Prefer, if you are sporty, take your shots as high as possible, offering a perspective that eludes many of us. Photographed while diving through the mountain, as I did with this one, give a sense of vertigo. FYI, this photo was taken with a Canon Ixus V2 Mont Pelas to 3050 Mr.

Photo photojunkie

Like this photo taken Entrevaux where it was more interesting to take the village from above, to emphasize the height, so that everyone took it from below.

Photo Photojunkie

But the horizon is not limited to these topics. When you photograph a flower for example, you also use the skyline, even if it is not visible on the image. For this reason you should not shoot at eye level.

So try to find an original angle, for example below ... They do not seem taller than you?

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