The M42: back to the past

Written by 杨 道波 Friday, 10 December 2010 10:58

I just found the M42 is that of happiness!

What is the M42? It is simply the thread (setting) Fixing old objectives should screw several turns the lens on the camera to fix it.

Photo Didier (made 55mm f1.8 M42)

It also "fully automatic anti" those goals are from the 60 '70' approximately at the time all adjustments are made manually (aperture, focus etc ...) What a pleasure to turn the ring developed with the legendary smoothness and small clicks by selecting the correct aperture.

You can now mount these "M42" on our digital camera recently, and through this adapter ring, the panel of adaptation is important for some providers whether nikon canon pentax etc. ... it is almost possible to adapt everything about everything.

Important point to remember, you do all the settings manually!

Photo Didier

A link to the supplier for such arrangements possible.

The home seller is super nice and fast

Why use M42? The quality and sharpness that made both of these objectives brightness certainly did not fade before the current objectives, on the contrary, more is not uncommon to find these targets M42 is just a few euros Sites of sales opportunity or even secondhand (though it depends on the objective).

Attention both prices are going up because more and more people are interested in this technique.

The macro in M 42 is also entirely possible, it is not uncommon to find in M42 extension rings for less than 10 €, coupled with a good lens you're ready for the macro to a more than reasonable price, some Macro purist would say that the bokeh is unmatched with M42 ...

Photo Didier

All mounted

Photo Didier

A photograph made with the extension rings and objo M42

The following link shows a "census" of objo M42

M42 Is A Site Dedicated to adaptator M42 lenses. You Will find here tests, from argentic to numeric cameras and Oldest to newest M42 lenses. Members Described Their Works and The Used lens. Oldies, but Goldies!

Be careful if you do not feel in the category of persons assisted (FA), the use of M42 can generate a dependency on old targets such pleasure from any textbook is huge and the quality that emerges is a talented, you have been warned now test it and have fun.

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