2012 LinkDelight Photo Contest - Win $1000 Cash

Written by 杨 道波 Friday, 02 December 2011 12:07

Delight means happiness and may refer to someone or something that brings such a state. It is a kind of beautiful state of human beings and even other living things.

The world around us is full of happiness. People can feel them when getting together with friends, families, looking on beautiful landscapes or some things, prognosticates to the dreamer very great success and congenial associations, many scenes that even not be confined to our human beings.

Everyone has come across a sense of happiness, what’s the delight like when you catch it? What’s your interpretation of delight?

Enter LinkDelight 2012 Photo Contest today! Submit the beautiful photos to show your definition of delight and Win the first prize

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Website: http://www.linkdelight.com/2012-photography-contest.html


First Prize (1) Second Prize (3) Third Prize (5) Participation Prize (30)
$1000 Cash Triopo GT-3228X8.C Tripod Kit + 50$ coupon 2* Aputure Trigmaster Plus + 10$ coupon 10$ coupon

Win the First prize – $1000 and the other munificent prizes including Second and Third prize, total prize value up to $3000 dollars!



Submission: 12/01/ 2011 —12/ 31/2011
Voting: 01/01/ 2012 — 1/ 31/2012
Judging& Winner Publish: 02/01/2012 — 2/15/2012

How to apply?

·Go to our photo contest web page: http://www.linkdelight.com/2012-photography-contest.html
·Sign in your account to submit your image, if you haven’t registered in linkdelight.com yet, please register to upload image.
·Each entrant can submit one or two or three( at most three) image (format includes .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif and .png).
·Please fill out the correlative title, shot description, equipment and parameter for the image.
·Entrant can edit the description of image in the “My picture” panel after uploading image.
·After approved,the uploaded image will be displayed on LinkDelight photo contest gallery after uploaded.
·Submitted images will not be returned under any circumstances.
·LinkDelight reserves the right to delete any images that do not have anything to do with this contest.

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