Fast Flash - Blazzeo 250ws Swift Studio Strobe

Written by 杨 道波 Monday, 18 August 2008 23:17

Blazzeo launches a new studio light – 250ws Swift Studio Strobe in 18th Aug, this is a mobile, fast-reactive and versatile strobe for Studio Photography.

blazzeo_swift_250ws_studio_strobe_side.gifYour photographic light may not always matches the shooting you needs, so swift equipment that makes the light work fast in frequently flash is key. On August 18, Blazzeo release its new 250ws Swift Studio Strobe which provides a swift, mobile, versatile strobe lighting and are great for any scenario.



blazzeo_swift_250ws_studio_strobe_back.gifGiving you a range of power for any setup, this light come with 250ws heads and can be dialed down in 1/8-stop increments. Fast flash duration time of 1/2000 – 1/800 seconds makes the strobe a swift reactive flash than other brands. An innovative design of a slave trigger switch makes the trigger model selectable as you like.



With a wide assortment of light control attachments available, this powerful studio light can be expanded to match your creativity. The light has compatible accessories on sale on Linkdelight which includes a pair of softboxes, stands, reflectors and umbrellas. So, get a move on to save and give your photo shoots power and portability.

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