Linkdelight Mobile Website Has Been Launched

作者:杨 道波 2013-07-16 18:35

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Linkdelight has been launched a mobile website on June 29. More and more people will have a new experience online shopping.

Shenzhen, China, June 16, 2013 - Linkdelight Company has been launched its mobile phone website for mobile phone users to make the site more friendly for its growing global customer base.

“As we know more and more people have a Smartphone and it has been become a essential part for many people. One fifth of Americans access the internet through mobile devices each day and that number is on the rise. Even some people couldn’t survive without it. Because the cell phone is easy to carry, can surf the internet anytime or anywhere, watch news and movies, listen to music etc.” said Polo, Manager of Linkdelight.

Taking into account the majority of mobile phone users, Linkdelight Company decided to launch its mobile website, so that more people can get involved and enjoy the fun of shopping on a cell phone. And the convenient Payment like on the computer.

A mobile website is a second version of a website that is revealed only when a website is visited through a mobile device. There are a number of advantages worth considering when considering a mobile website. It can improve mobile user experience. Research on mobile website shows that mobile-optimized websites significantly improving user experience and satisfaction, which makes a positive impression when it counts.

With a mobile website, mobile users can shop online quickly and easily. They can find product what they want by the categories. When people browse the website will become faster and more convenient. Shopping or browsing the website on the phone and computer is similar, operation are relatively simple. “But the phone is more convenient, anytime and anywhere can view the information you want to know”, People thought.

Linkdelight has become a professional online store which supplied photograph equipments, outdoor equipments, camera accessories, consumer electronics with high quality but a low price. With the mobile website launched, people will have a convenient and comfortable experience online shopping. According to the sales of Linkdelight show, the purchase of electronic products (like photography equipment) customers is increasing. More customers can through a computer or a cell phone to buy the products they need now. “We have been focused on the website updated and optimized, hoping to meet the needs of more users!” said Polo.

Come and see the mobile website on Linkdelight or paste this link into your browser:

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