New Edition Wireless Remote Control with Hot Shoe Connector Released

Written by 杨 道波 Tuesday, 10 June 2008 14:09

Apture anounced a brand new wireless remote mode for Canon/Nikon/Sony Camera. The main enhancement is a larger transmitter which should provide for a stronger signal strength that works better over larger distances. Also integrate with this multi-functional channel remote you can strongly trigger the camera's shutter release from a long effective distance up to 100m (320ft).

A litte different compare with the old wireless remote kit is on the receiver that build with a camera hot shoe connector, the improvements found in the new remote over the older model are:

new_wireless_remote_hotshoe 1. Hybrid design allows for wired or wireless operation.
2. When used as a wired remote, no battery is required. This is especially handy if you're operating the camera in countries which have strict regulations on the use of radio frequencies. Using the receiver purely as a wired remote allows you to get around this restriction.
3. The B position of the slider switch makes the receiver a HDR shooter's dream.
4. The transmitter unit is now physically much smaller, a boon to photographers who don't like unnecessary bulk in photographic accessories.

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