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How To Choose The Best White Balance

“If you shoot in color, even in those days to film,” said Lynn Eodice “, you had to buy film corresponds to the color temperature of the main light. For example, if you’re shooting indoors under artificial lighting, you bought a tungsten-balanced the film. for daily balanced film you have purchased. Today, digital cameras to […]

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Tips of Low Light Photography

Low light photography can be a lot of fun. And you don’t need to trade your soul for an expensive camera to do it. You just need to have one that has some manual setting options. I ’m focusing on digital here, but I think most of what I’m going to talk about will apply […]


3-Way Camera Tripod Monopod Ball Head Hands-on Video

This 3-Way Ball Head is made of black anodized aluminum alloy, strong and stable. It’s the best choice for outdoor photographic activities or indoor shooting whatever you’re beginner or pro photographer. Not only its lightweight, but also its flexible handling, that makes your trip more enjoyable. Features: * 360-degree pan, a double groove for +90 […]

FEELWORLD LCD TFT HD Monitor Hands-on Video for Camera Camcorder

This FEELWORLD TFT LCD Monitor can achieve camera camcorder real-time video/image showed on this 7″ LCD screen, no longer need to sent them to computer to see the effect or view them on the small screen. It employs advanced integrate circuits and high quality TFT LCD modules, low consumption, steady function, and low radiation emission, […]


FEELWORLD TFT HD LCD Monitor Hands-on Video

Do you feel tied of sending video/image to computer to see the effect or view them on the small screen?This FEELWORLD LCD Monitor can achieve camera/camcorder real-time video/image showed on this 7″ LCD screen.It particularly suitable for the use of digital SLR cameras, video capture professional photographers, the advertising industry and photographic education workers.It employs […]


White Lightning 2-Light Sample Portrait Setup

This setup could be used for portraits and/or products shooting. One flash unit (unit 1) is used as a Main Light, softened with our Large Octangula softbox or Large Foldable softbox. Using the softbox produces a soft, diffused light source with a rounded catch light. The closer that the octabox is placed to the subject, […]


Battle At F-Stop Ridge Hands-on Video

Really funny and creative clip video from Youtube,Nice vid and Cool idea! I like it very much.By the way,If war was only fought with cameras, there would be no death, and we’d have some pretty amazing shots. Popular search at linkdelight: canon t2i grip Canon 60D Battery Grip canon 7d battery grip

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How To Achieve the Perfect Portrait Pose

Tutorial Details:   Difficulty: Basic Completion Time: 1 hour Requirements: A willing model! Knowing how to pose models is a key skill to have in making good portraits. In this article we will be talking about a few tips on how to pose your model to create stunning photos. From the hands and feet, right […]


$10 Coupon + Double Points Back, Enjoy Christmas Day !

In order to celebrate 2011 Christmas,Linkdelight hold such activities to feedback our customers: 1. During Christmas Day period (11/26/2011 —12/ 25/2011), place orders at LD and enjoy Double Points back. 2. During Christmas Day period(11/26/ 2011 —12/ 25/2011),Lucky Orders can get at least US$5 Coupon. Note: * When 5 appears at the end of the […]

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