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Lens Mug Wars! Canon vs Nikon vs Starbucks

As an avid coffee drinker and photographer, it only natural that I was attracted to all the new lens mugs floating around. Ever since Canon released their own 70-200 f/4L IS lens mug, they’ve been a hot topic and the market has been flooded with copies and new variations. Thus, I decided to round them […]


How To Make Great Images in Your Backyard

Far from that, with a few tricks in your tool kit, you can come away with some compelling images right in your backyard. Your new favorite sport: sky watching.It is no secret that a big, spectacular sky can turn the mundane into spectacular. So keep your head up, watch for cloud formations, listen to the […]


More convinient to purchase photography equipment than before

Purchasing photography equipment is usually tricky, just in case you haven’t done this before. Certain nations levy taxes, that are named responsibilities. AdditionallyFurthermore, you have to deal with the exchange rate involving the money and also the money of the nation that you’re going to in. Fortunately, if you wish to purchase camera gear from […]


How to make perfect Lightings

Choosing lenses demands both understanding of and knowledge about various kinds of lenses. Although knowing which lenses work best in given conditions is essential, a photographer also chooses a particular lens to make a specific photographic effect. Light, composition and subject matter of your scene all influence photographers’ various lenses. Wide-Angle Lens However some is […]


Professional Camera Equipment Make A Professional Movie

How to make an independent film?Obiviously,It’s unnecessary for you to get a giant film camera as similar as the hollywood filmmakers.You just need to buy the professional camera equipments,then you can make an indepedent film by youself.Following is the needs of produtions. On the whole,you must have a camera ,lighting and sound equipment at least.Even […]


How to get the best shots-choosing correct camera lens

It’s terrible that you can’t get the best shot when you find something beautiful.How to make it?Then the first thing you think of is to change lens.So it’s important for you to understand the defferences between lens.Here introduce some methods to help you get the best shots. First,you must make sure that what themes you […]


Canon EOS 7D Split Focusing Screen Installation

We only offer an installation instruction as following. The split screen may be not the same, but the installation method is the similar. In the installation instruction, some tools we do not offer, you can use the similar tools to replace. If you do not have any experience to install the split screen, you will […]


More New Items Added To US Warehouse

LinkDelight has built overseas warehouse in the USA to ensure that customers get their packages faster, it usually take up to 3 days delivered in USA Continental 48 States via USPS service. In order to give our customer more choose and bring more convenient,more items are added to US warehouse,such as photography kits,outdoor gears and […]

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Suspend Photo ID — 2012 Linkdelight Photo Contes

Dear friend: Capture the delight instant in your life and win first prize! Thanks for your sharing the pleasant pictures in 2012 Linkdelight phtograph contest. The contest is in voting phase, everybody enthusiastically votes for the most favorite photos to share the joy. But now some problem happen in the contest such as following picture […]


Aputure Digital Timer Remote Hands-on Video

LinkDelight recommends an advanced “Aputure” Pro premium Digital Timer Remote cord. The Aputure Digital Timer Remote switch has a self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count setting feature. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours. A new dial enables you to easily enter the numeric settings with a single thumb. […]

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