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Vertical Battery Grip for Nikon D7000: Comparing 3 Battery Grip Kit (Replacement for MB-D11)

For most professional DSLRs, generally speaking, there are three main benefits to come with a vertical battery grip. Firstly, with a digital SLR camera attached, it makes the setup look more squarish than rectangular. Secondly, the camera’s battery life is doubled, allowing you to take pictures for an even longer period of time without having […]

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Canon Rebel T2i Battery – Extended Life

18 million pixel CMOS sensor, 1080p HD (with full manual control) video recording capabilities, with the same specifications as 63 points 7D metering system, 3-inch 1.04 million pixel 3:2 LCD screen! Canon T2i (550D) performance configuration is extremely attractive, even can with their own high-end models 7D par. Canon Rebel T2i has a wide range […]

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Canon 7DII Battery Grip – Your Perfect Shooting Choice

Battery Grips are used on SLR cameras and digital SLR camera accessories, not only can provide power to the camera, but also adds a vertical grip with the shutter button. Battery Grip is usually installed in the bottom of the camera, you can use the camera original lithium-ion batteries or AA batteries to extend the […]

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How to Extend the Service Life of Digital Camera Battery? How to Maintain?

Battery Maintenance Not a long time, you should remove the battery from the machine and kept in a dry environment, it is recommended into the battery box to avoid short-circuit. For a (section) digital camera battery, the use of the length of time, not only with its quality, electric quantity, actually with the user’s operation […]


A Great Investment to Photography lovers

You could be asked yourself to do I actually want a battery grip? In my opinion the answer is really a resounding yes! Even though a battery grip does add a little of size and bulk for your camera it really is rewards far outweigh the cons. The quantity one cause I favor for is […]

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