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Aputure Amaran AL-M9 is a pocket-sized adjustable on Camera LED Video Fill Light

Aputure has announced an affordable pocket-sized AL-M9 LED on camera video fill light panel. The size of the Aputure AL-M9 is almost same as a credit card. The thickness of the AL-M9 is only 11mm. It is so small that it literally fits in your pocket and features a built-in battery good for an hour […]

20 Things I wish I Knew about using Flash

20 things i wish i knew about using flash If you’re reading this, you are probably Googling the internet to figure out how to use flash with your photography. Maybe you’re about to start photographing weddings. Maybe you’ve been using flash, but you don’t know how to do OCF (Off Camera Flash) and you’re just looking […]


Before buying a on-camera flash

Photography is like painting with lights, To set up a good Lighting system would definitely take your photography to the next level, and a portable speedlite is quite necessary or the secret weapon to easily set up the lighting environment you may require especially when you’re shooting outside. And if you haven’t used it before, […]


A New Breakthrough for Xiaomi

    Recently, Xiaomi announced its Yi Action Camera. It’s a great success  for Xiaomi. It followed the step of the HTC and Apple. As Taiwan’s HTC Launched its own digital camera and Apple have a patent of its sport-type camera. This amazing invention attracted most of people. It only needs 399 yuan(US$65) for base […]


A Quick Test of YN-622C Wireless Flash Transceiver/Transmitter

  For a very long period, the market of high performance flash speedlite and triggers were dominated by foreign brands as Canon, Nikon etc. Until recent years, some Chinese brands came out and started to draw people’s attention with extremely low price and qualified performance. Such as YongNuo which is a quite famous Chinese brand […]

Yongnuo WJ-60 macro ring light

Macro Photography Good Partners – Yongnuo WJ-60 Macro Ring Continuous LED Light

Recently we have been lanuched “Yongnuo WJ-60 Macro Ring Continuous LED Light”. Today we would like to introduce this Macro Ring Continuous LED Light for you. Yongnuo WJ-60 Appearance We used to use the external flash opportunity still lot, but the opportunity to use the ring flash may less. Typically, the ring flash used for […]

Universal Light Bouncer

Micnova Universal Light Bouncer for Camera Flashes – Free Shipping

Generally speaking, light modifiers are all about controlling light. There are all kinds of light modifiers, such as reflectors, diffusers, softboxes, umbrellas, etc. Light modifiers, also known as reflectors, are used by professional photographers to direct light to areas of a composition where light wouldn’t normally be able to reach. They serve to enhance the […]

Yongnuo Flash Speedlite YN560 II

Yongnuo Flash Speedlite YN560 II for Nikon Canon Pentax Olympus

BASIC INFO BRAND:YONGNUO Model:YN560II MPN:YN560II Net Weight:350g/0.8b PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Get another flash Speedlite for your shoots! This Yongnuo Flash Speedlite YN560 II is suitable almost DSLR cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax,Olympus, except Sony and Minolta. It is more powerful and convenient for your photography. The flash YN-560II’s function is similar to the YN-560 but […]


Free LED Macro Ring Flash, Get It Now! — 3rd Round of linkdelight’s Giveaway

Free LED Macro Ring Flash for Canon Nikon, Get It Now!— 3rd Round of linkdelight’s Giveaway Dear friends, here comes the 3rd round of linkdelight’s giveaway. If you haven’t win from linkdelight campaign in 2nd round of this campaign, 3 pcs of LED Macro Ring Flash for Canon Nikon are waiting for you. The gift: […]


GODOX Released WITSTRO AD180 Barebulb Flash

Godox released impressive new WITSTRO AD180 and AD360 bare bulb hotshoe flashes, with claimed 180 and 360ws power output, and healthy 60m and 85m guide numbers (Iso 100, with the standard 28mm reflector), and Wireless Remote Manual Power Control. The Godox unit is just one of a number of bare bulb speedlights that were rumoured […]

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