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linear camera slider

Linear Video Camera Slider Product Review

Recently a new kind of product has emerged as a dolly substitute — the video camera slider. Full featured professional camera slider for heavy duty camera systems that provides shake-free stability and support to cameras while shooting. The video camera slider is suitable for cameras with small- or medium-sized lenses and for use in amateur […]


Cheap Camera Stabilizer Load Vest System

One essential tool for long Flying Video Stabilizer (Steadicam) type shots is a Vest system with an iso-elastic arm. The vest helps to take the weight of the camera off the arms and distributes the load over to the body. The flexible spring loaded iso-elastic arm keeps the camera level as the operator runs, jumps, […]


Wondlan Pegasus II Stedicam Handheld Stabilizer Review

I have not used the Hague system and the folks at Wondlan say they have used it and have told me that the Pegasus II is much better. Of course they are trying to push for their product line. Yes, sway wise we need to resolve the GH1 because it’s size and quality is very […]

Shoulder Mount Rig

Dslr shoulder rig reviews linkdelight

I used to be a bit stressed purchasing this regarding my personal 60d however decided for the price what is. Well let me tell you I am really impressed, this can be a excellent rig for the money. The particular stick to concentrate is actually clear. I am not to thrilled with all the contact […]


Customer Reviews of Shoulder mount rig

Movie Dave (evaluation under) sums up this kind of system simply by stating, Quotation: “It’s steadily constructed, folds right down to a portable size and ponder significantly. If you want hand held shots without the tremble here is the most adaptable DSLR Shoulder Rig you will get your money can buy, finish of.Inches I must […]


Wondlan Magic Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Review

Recently Wondlan has been pushing a bunch of new Single Arm Stabilizer Vest + Stabilizer Kits. These lightweight kits vary in price starting under just $1K depending on what stabilizer is bundled with the vest. Wondlan has a Mini Stabilizer, wondlan carbon fiber stabilizer, or larger I-Type. shabby for hopefully the same quality that Wondlan […]

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Most Helpful DSLR Rig Review

Initially when i first noticed this pop-up upon I used to be really suspicious, I am aware you always acquire what you purchase. After getting this I realized when you spend $500-$1000+ on the platform and also stick to emphasis you have to pay for your brand name (reddish rock, zaucto, etc). This kind […]

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