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Tips on Selecting A Panhead Tripod

Why do we need a tripod when shooting? In today’s society ,a “good” tripod is an essential part of any photographer’s kit which can provide you with the sharpest possible pictures from your expensive camera and lenses, and allow you get those shots you’ve only dreamed of – giving you time to think more carefully […]

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Best Camera Buying Guide for Photographers

For professional photographers or fever Photographic speaking, outdoor shooting according to shooting needs not only to get ready to be a camera body, lenses, and various accessories, spare machine is also very important. If you are a single person out shooting, carrying two or more SLR body will increase big burden, but also to select […]

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3 Ways to Avoid Landscape Photography Vision Tilting

Shooting scenery photos often overlooked point is to check whether the camera in a horizontal position, this seemingly small problems are easily makes the original exposure accurately, a perfect composition work have defects, especially a large area of white space or the presence of a large body of water in the picture (sea, Lake) when […]

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How to Extend the Life of the Camera and Lens

Camera and photographic lenses are very close and precious things, the most afraid of in use and storage is extrusion, collision or water vapour and the erosion of harmful gases. In shooting, do not remove the bottom half of the camera case, which can greatly reduce the wear floor camera angle, but also reduce camera […]

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Portrait Works Must Focus on Three Aspects

What elements make a good portrait work is? The answer must be many, but there are three aspects is shooting every piece of work that must be concern in your photography. 1. People demeanor Often seen the works of sweeping the streets, the characters face numb dull and sitting on the roadside. If the criticism […]

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Linkdelight Mobile Website Has Been Launched

Linkdelight has been launched a mobile website on June 29. More and more people will have a new experience online shopping. Shenzhen, China, July 17, 2013 – Linkdelight Company has been launched its mobile phone website for mobile phone users to make the site more friendly for its growing global customer base. “As we know […]


What “portable” cameras looked like a century ago?

One of the big trends in the camera industry these days is the stuffing of “big camera” sensors into “small camera” bodies. After all, if you can get the same image quality from a camera that’s smaller in size, why wouldn’t you want to? (That’s the idea, at least).


2013 Linkdelight Annual Meeting was opened in year of 2008, is a specific photography accessories online store, it belongs to LinkDelight Limited online retailer group. is established based on a vision of continues to offer more photographic things including the photographic products shopping. The LinkDelight founder are striving to let it became a part of your delightful […]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Linkdelight

Valentine’s Day is descending upon us very soon, and there is no better time to show your affection for your loved one in the form of a precious, hand-picked gift! Linkdelight has selected a range of gifts that the He or She in your life would love to receive.   The new Tablet PC runs […]


Light Painting Photography Tutorial

Light paintings, also known as light drawing or light graffiti, is a photography technique in which exposures are usually made at night or in a darkened room. This momentary approach to art and expression uses the movement of light to create incredible images and is created on the streets, in nature, and in studios by […]

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