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More Alternatives for Ice Light?

Many people know the Ice Light which is a very creative wraparound light bar to carry around for adding a soft touch of light. But they also know that with the price $449-$499, it is overpriced to invest for those who did not earn much with it. Still, it is a product that every photographer […]

Ice Light Alternative

Ice Light Alternative

Ice Light is a portable, dimmable, daylight balanced, continuous LED light source with a built in battery. It’s been very popular since its first released; photographers really enjoy this “Light stick”. However, the price tag is not so enjoyable which was $499 ($449.90 for now) with nothing more but some straps, power cord, gel clips. […]

Review of MB-309

MB-309 LED Studio Light Review

The MMBEL MB-309 LED Studio Light with 1188 LEDs & Bi-color for professional photography First of all, you can check the specifications below: Light Source: 1,188 LEDs Colour Temperature: 3,200k to 5,600K Wattage: 72W Light Intensity: 6,800 lux @ 3.3’ (1.0 m) Beam Angle: 60 degrees CRI: =85 Lamp Life: 50,000 hours Power Requirements: 100-240VAC, […]

Sonnon LED Light

Sonnon DL-913 Photography LED Light Review

Sonnon DL-913 is a professional photography LED light designed in an ultra-thin body which makes it very easily to handle and carry. The high brightness, wide range fill light effect proves it perfectly for studio photography, family photography and video recording. By 308 pcs of lamp beads, not only it provides a clear and bright sight, but also its environmental-friendly and energy saving due to its industry leading technology of the accuracy of color temperature. Designed with advanced digital driver circuit, includes separate dimming driver circuit, in order to ensure constant current voltage of […]


65W Fluorescent Ring Light 5500K Review for Photography Video

This is the light that everyone is talking about. It is used by more of the “Top Guns” in photography than any other fluorescent ring light. It has 65 watts of power, that’s equivalent to almost 500 watts of incandescent light. This light has a built in dimmer ti control the exact amount of light […]


Bi-Color 516-LED Handheld Dimmable Fill-In Light Review

516-LED Handheld Fill-in Light is long size designed for larger lighting area. It adopts two groups of LED bulbs 3200K and 5600K, which enables you to get daylight or tungsten color temperature as you like for different scenery needs. Handheld 516 LED Light is a tube-shaped continuous light. It’s designed as handheld lighting source. Easy […]

E27 36-LEDs LED corn bulb

New Arrival – E27 6W 220V 36-LEDs 500LM LED Corn Bulb

Corn bulbs is a type of lamp, considering the bulb luminous evenly, special designed to 360 degrees light, Its shape looks like a corn cob, so called corn bulbs. Corn bulb is generally installed in the periphery of bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom. The installed within the ceiling of hidden lamps, all lights is cast […]

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