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home-based studio

Tips on choosing strobe flash and lighting kits for your home-based studio

We’ve seen a growing trend in photography pursuits, and those enthusiast are getting more demanding about their gear, being amateur or professional, the gear must be in place firstly, to have their own home-based studio for portraits and products shooting is the dream of some photographers and great start to kick out their own business […]


One Tool Every Filmmaker Needs – LED Light

To be a true filmmaker, you need to choose tools that allow you to always be a step ahead of the action. With that, one tool every filmmaker needs – LED light . When we take the time to listen to the light we can gain insight into how to easily improve the light  by simple […]

Menik 26 x26cm Folding softbox

Menik SS-21 26 x26cm Folding Softbox for Studio Flash

Softboxes are photography equipment. It cannot be used alone, belongs to the studio light accessories. Softbox perfectly mounted on the studio light emitted softer light, when shooting it can eliminate the spots and shadows on the pictures. Softbox is made up of reflective cloth, soft cloth, wire rack and bayonet. Softbox structurally diverse, conventional rectangular […]

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