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GODOX 300 W Photography Smart Studio Strobe Flash Light

GODOX 300W Photography Smart Studio Strobe Flash Light

BASIC INFO Trademark: GODOX Model: 300SDi Flash Output: 300WS Weight: Approx 1.16kg PRODUCT DESCRIPTION So you want to be a hotshot photographer and make a name for yourself in this particular field? And why shouldn’t you? Photography can open a lot of doors for you in the worlds of fashion, advertising, personal portraits and capturing […]


GODOX Released WITSTRO AD180 Barebulb Flash

Godox released impressive new WITSTRO AD180 and AD360 bare bulb hotshoe flashes, with claimed 180 and 360ws power output, and healthy 60m and 85m guide numbers (Iso 100, with the standard 28mm reflector), and Wireless Remote Manual Power Control. The Godox unit is just one of a number of bare bulb speedlights that were rumoured […]

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