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Outdoor Professional Multi-function Photography Vest

While shooting outside the house, especially on long photograph shoots, you can frequently need comfortable clothes that will defend anyone with a video camera from temp changes and poor temperature. Similarly as important, they desire to help attribute a good amount of storage compartments for you to have the ability to shop vital add-ons. Photography […]


Aputure Announced Wireless Timer Remote Ⅱ Transmitter for DSLR

Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce the Pro Coworker II, a wireless timer device for Nikon Canon Sony Pentax, perfect for shooting incredible time-lapse sequences. The Aputure Wireless Timer Remote Ⅱ can be used as a wireless timer remote, wired timer remote, wireless shutter remote and wired shutter remote. Other features include: clock […]


5 Tips for Capturing Photos in Water

Shooting underwater photographs can be tricky, as shooting in normal sunlight — and in air — is far different from shooting in an environment under the water. Achieving great photos in such odd conditions can requires some specific techniques, as outlined below. first,Underwater photography requires some specialized equipment such as camera underwater housing… after all, […]

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