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Time-lapse photography gear essentials checklist

Seems like time travel has been the storyline in a lot of well-received movies, I got much attracted as well, and in the field of photography, we got something similar, yes, you got it right, It’s time-lapse photography I am referring to. What is time-lapse photography? In Wikipedia’s interpretation: Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the […]


  Just in case you know nothing about the Follow Focus Systems

When auto focus couldn’t give you a smooth shooting process, if you’re thinking whether it’s worth it to invest in the expensive  Follow Focus System. Ask yourself these questions: Are you shooting at large apertures with shallow DOF on a regular basis? Do you always make focus mistakes by using auto focus and needs to start over? […]


Why Can 80×80×80cm/32’’ Cube Softbox Light Tent Sell Well

  Photo Studio 80×80×80cm/32’’Light Cube Tent Softbox with 4 Backdrops is one of the best sellers on the fiercely competitive market which has gained good sales and good reputation since promoted. It is not difficult for us to know the truth that the light tents are widely used in produce e-commerce web sites images, professional […]

Sonnon LED Light

Sonnon DL-913 Photography LED Light Review

Sonnon DL-913 is a professional photography LED light designed in an ultra-thin body which makes it very easily to handle and carry. The high brightness, wide range fill light effect proves it perfectly for studio photography, family photography and video recording. By 308 pcs of lamp beads, not only it provides a clear and bright sight, but also its environmental-friendly and energy saving due to its industry leading technology of the accuracy of color temperature. Designed with advanced digital driver circuit, includes separate dimming driver circuit, in order to ensure constant current voltage of […]


VISIONKING 25-75X 70mm MAK Spotting Scope Review

This brand new powerful scope is comfortable with 450 viewing angle and easy to find the target. When being deliveried, this package will be supplied with Carrying Bag, including Free Tripod, clean cloth and user manu.The Size of the tripod is 32×32 cm or 12.6 x 12.6 inches, which means, it is just table tripod. […]


QZSD Q666 Camera Tripod Review

Traveler tripod with ball head design is the best choices for outdoor photograph activities, which makes your trip more enjoyable. 1. Pull-out button angling adjustment, ensuring single adjust of each leg 2. Typical regulating design of elevator, offering the different damping effect depends on the weight of your camera 3. 5-section center column, realizing your lowest angle shooting 4. Quick […]


Cheap Photo Studio Backdrop Umbrella Kit

Linkdelight Backdrop Umbrella Kits are the top of the line umbrella kits that delivers superior power for all of your digital imaging applications. These kits are centered around these new high output compact fluorescent lamps. These lamps were developed specifically for digital imaging. These lamps produce a super soft glow that with bathe your subjects […]

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Winter Snow Photography Equipment Guidelines: Photography Equipment Need to Keep Warm

One more ” Winter ” photography works make a person delightful, and also make love digital of fever photographers want to try. Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, some photographers made the shooting plan, to see beautiful snow scenery at the same time, they also want to keep the beautiful scenery under the lens. However, taken […]

DSLR Follow Focus

Do-it-yourself Rubbing Centered DSLR Follow Focus

Within the following post, Eric Au will certainly reveal his making of A Do it yourself follow focus system. We all would have a KNE’X stick to concentrate before, nevertheless, this one brackets on the system., and has a very pro check out this. As the more knowledge about this kind of develop are usually […]


5 Tips for Capturing Photos in Water

Shooting underwater photographs can be tricky, as shooting in normal sunlight — and in air — is far different from shooting in an environment under the water. Achieving great photos in such odd conditions can requires some specific techniques, as outlined below. first,Underwater photography requires some specialized equipment such as camera underwater housing… after all, […]

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