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Pergear 45cm Universal Foldable Ring Flash Softbox Macro Diffusers

Pergear 45cm Universal Foldable Softbox for Speedlight with Carrying Bag  is a unique light modifier for your speedlight. It is one of the best sellers in our store of the softbox. Let’s see below features and Specification of the Pergear 45cm softbox then you will know why it can be sold so well 1. Perfect Ring Flash Diffuser for the Shoe Mount Flash No need for extra cable, bracket or power supply. Simply mount it on the camera. The perfect solution for portrait, product and macro photography in the studio or on the […]


Why Can 80×80×80cm/32’’ Cube Softbox Light Tent Sell Well

  Photo Studio 80×80×80cm/32’’Light Cube Tent Softbox with 4 Backdrops is one of the best sellers on the fiercely competitive market which has gained good sales and good reputation since promoted. It is not difficult for us to know the truth that the light tents are widely used in produce e-commerce web sites images, professional […]

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