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P-04 with D7000

Laing P-04 Handheld Stabilizer – All about Tuning

Today we got our hands on this Laing P-04 handheld stabilizer. Probably the Best Handheld Stabilizer only $262.99 by Free Shipping!   The P-04 looks just like any other handheld stabilizer, a quick release plate on the top, a gimbal with a handhelder and counter weights at the bottom. But the main body is made […]


A Monopod that can Stand!

Monopod that can stand on its own – YunTeng VCT 288 The monopod allows a still camera to be held steadier, allowing the photographer to take sharp pictures at slower shutter speeds with longer focal length lenses. In the case of video, it reduces camera shake, and therefore most of the resulting small random movements.Today […]

Selfie Cover

What’s your major consideration when you choose a Selfie Stick?

What’s your major consideration when you choose a Selfie Stick? In recent years, Selfie Stick becomes more and more popular. It seems every one is carrying one when travel around and shooting selfie photos with it. Manufacturers saw the opportunity and the results is that there are tons of Selfie sticks in the market. That […]

DSLR shoulder mount rig follow focus

Big Discount DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig Follow Focus Review

Consisted of DSLR/VCR Shoulder Mount Rig, Follow Focus ,Matte Box and Matching Gear Belt, this DSLR shoulder mount rig follow focus which is an functional photography equipment for the DSLR or video camera owners to achieve more smooth, steady and precise focus control while shooting. And from a features and usefulness for the price perspective, […]


2012 Best Tripods with regard to Digital cameras in linkdelight

Tripods tend to be a valuable addition to the photographer’s collection. Guide to prevent trembling camera, plus they permit extended exposures. Investing in a Ball Head Tripod can be quite a bewildering expertise, because there are a lot of alternatives on the market. Unfortunately, the key factor to bear in mind is you get that […]


Some of the best tripods for you cheap

Lengthy exposures, reduced mild, macro function, panoramas, item pictures – just a couple of the normal situations where getting your digital camera as steady as you possibly can is essential in case you are planning to steer clear of trembling camera. Some photography enthusiasts shy away from utilizing a Tripod Quick Release Head, mentioning the […]


Spider DSLR VCR Shoulder Mount Rig Hands-on Video

DSLR/VCR Shoulder Mount Rig+ Shoulder Mount Connector + Follow Focus + Matte Box Make you shoot or video production steady, precise and smooth Long time shoot or record comfortable, won’t feel tired All hand grips and joint of the shoulder mount are rotatable and adjustable Make commercial and professional movies at a very lower cost […]


A well balanced tripod generates sharper images and also videos

Ansel Adams when said that the ideal tripod “is a cubic lawn of solid cement using a 1/4″ By #20 bold mind sticking out with the leading.Inch Although this certainly gives a virtually vibration-free support, for most professional photographers this is simply not a viable alternative. That is where tripods be useful. Because the identify […]

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