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Ice Light is a portable, dimmable, daylight balanced, continuous LED light source with a built in battery. It’s been very popular since its first released; photographers really enjoy this “Light stick”. However, the price tag is not so enjoyable which was $499 ($449.90 for now) with nothing more but some straps, power cord, gel clips.


The Ice Light is a good handheld LED light in anyways only except that it costs too much. So photographers with limited budget start to look for Ice Light alternative. That’s what we got today, the Pergear MTL-900II Traveller Handheld 298 LED Magic Wand Light!

Pergear MTL 900 II

This is a light that most photographers can afford, only 132.99 at

Despite the huge price difference, let’s take a look at the specification comparison:

Specs Ice Light Pergear MTL 900
Lomination 1160LM 1600LM
CRI 90+ 88+
Lamp Life 50000+ h 50000+ h
Color Range 5200-5400k 3200-5600k
Dimming 1.5-15W 0.8-20W
Battery Life 1h at full power 1h at full power
Charge Time 2.5h 2.5h
Mount Handheld with 1/4-20” Handheld with 1/4-20”
Dimensions L52.07cm*D4.4cm L56.1cm*D4.5cm
Weight 0.58kg 0.72kg

From the form above, we can see that there’s no major difference between the Ice Light and Pergear MTL 900II on the key features. Both of the lights have a high CRI that ensure accurate color for the subject. When IceLight produce 1160 LM, Pergear MTL 900II provides 1600LM of illumination. Even brighter than IceLight!

Pergear 3200k filter tube

There’re 298 pcs of LED beads with low heat inside Pergear MTL 900II, when you set it at full power, it is a perfect 5600k LED light that enlighten your subject; when you install the filter tube, it becomes a 3200k LED light that bring warm light to your subject. However, this Tube is not equipped with Ice Light so the color tem only works between 5400k-5600k

Pergera MYL 900II

It would become very tricky when you need to adjust the brightness when doing a portrait, that’s why more and more LED lights come with remote controller, so does the Pergear MTL 900II. A very thin but functional remote controller let you control the brightness and mode of the light more easily. However we don’t see that from the Ice Light.

remote controller

Need to mention that Pergear MTL 900II has been equipped with a Smart IC that can remember the last setting of the light when Ice Light could not do that. Pergear MTL 900II seems to be more intelligence.


Other than that, we need to mention that MTL 900II has a removable battery when Ice Light has built-in battery. Of course they both last about the same time at the full power, but you’ll find another battery in Pergear’s package which allows you continue to work without stopping and charging. Pergear even send a separate battery charger at AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz, DC 12V for car adapter, so when you run out the 1st battery, you can use the 2nd and charge the 1st at the same time.

removable battery

Both lights are very useful and ideal for photographers, the portability gives them the easiness and convenience to move around and offer the subject magic lighting. Only Pergear MTL 900II is a newer product that comes with remote controller, removable battery, bio-color temp, intelligence IC etc. Maybe Ice Light will release another product that has every function that mentioned above, before that, we will stick with Pergear MTL 900II for a while as the Ice Light alternative.

Pergear MTL 900


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    Interested in buying the light stick.

    I’m from Brazil, but will be in orlando in 2 weeks.

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