OLOONG SP-660 II/SP-690 TTL Speedlite Flash For Canon Nikon Available

Are you interested in these new strobist flash?Full manual likeYongnou 560 but it can be used as Nikon iTTL or Canon eTTL wireless slave as well.Can be adjusted by a Nikon-Canon cam or SB800-SB700-SB900.Similar to the YN 565 but cannot be used as a TTL flash on cam only as slave but a lot cheaper.

This Oloong SP-660 II Speedlite Flash both support N’s & C’s system, it can be triggered by Canon 580EX II 7D/60D/600D, Nikon SB-900/800/700, Nikon c-command and ST-E2, and flashes as TTL mode as well as M/Multi mode. TTL flash with large guide number GN50@ ISO100, 180mm, reached the level of the mainstream hotshoe flashes. Large LCD panel user interface with super firm metal hotshot stand. Worth owning one!! It’s only US$96.99 and comes with Flash Bounce Diffuser.

Now we add Oloong TTL Flash Speedlite SP-690 to to give you more choose.It designed for almost Canon Cameras. It features TTL function and will work on Canon E-TTL II mode.

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