Syllable G08 VS G15 Headphones Review

I was so excited when I received the Syllable G15 Headphone. I’m decision to buy this was an excellent one. The ideas which come for Syllable G15 Headphone are perfect. The price was cheap than other, you’d be crazy not to purchase it at this kind of lowest price. The features are extremely cool!

The manual included in the box was very straight forward (although the English was not very accurate, but since I am not an English native speaker, I did not mind at all about the frequent typos. ;)).

In seconds I paired the G15 with my Galaxy S3.
The quality of the audio was beyond my expectations. Although not quite as good as the wired quality, I believe that G15 have a quality well above the average. But again, since I do not own any other Bluetooth headphones, you might not take my word for it…

The look and feel
Surprisingly, they look better in your hands then in the pictures shown in this site.
The materials look and feel quite good quality. The plastic parts have glossy finish and feel sturdy. The internal ‘chassis’ is aluminum, you get to see it when you stretch the headphones (I’m one those guys that are not considered small headed… ;)).

I have used several (wired) headphones, since I am an professional DJ, but I can tell immediately that G15 feel quite comfortable. They feel light in your head. The design, feels like modern, and frankly, from a distance you might mistaken them for a pair of Beats headphones (this was one of the reasons why I decided to buy these).

The buttons are laid out in the back of each of the ‘heads’, big enough to find them while jogging.

It has the much needed feature of pausing the music playing on the phone while receiving/placing a phone call.
Bluetooth mode switches off automatically when you plug the cable (supplied) in its socket.

The ear cushions are synthetic leather (I think), which I believe they would feel ok even with some high level of sweat (in the gym/jogging).

Audio quality
As I said earlier, on bluetooth mode, music sounds very good. I consider myself an audiophile, and NO, the G15 does not give you 100% CD quality. But, if you are willing to trade some audio quality for wire free convenience, then I believe is a trade off well deserved. But again, you always can use the G15 with the cool looking red wire (sounds familiar? ;) Ah yeah, it is the same red that Dr Dree Beats headphones wire has :D).

Call Quality
The receiver did not complain about call quality, he said that I sounded ‘normal, ok’, actually he did not feel any difference when I swapped from bluetooth mode and wired mode. On my side though, I felt like I was talking on Skype. But again I do not mind, since I want these phones to perform good on bluetooth mode on music being played on my phone. The occasional call that I need to make, while jogging, would not bother me if the quality is not on par with my Plantronics 975.

I couldn’t be any more pleased with the Syllable G08 headphone ! They are really good for wireless. Thesy are really comfortable on your ears and the headband is paded very nicely! i go everywere with them and sound quality is great!I use them when playing basketball or running and they work nicely. I was very pleased with the price for a really nice quality headphone. The product didnt come with the wall plug witch was dissapointing but no biggie. Get these!

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