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canon 7d battery grip

Canon 7DII Battery Grip – Your Perfect Shooting Choice

Battery Grips are used on SLR cameras and digital SLR camera accessories, not only can provide power to the camera, but also adds a vertical grip with the shutter button. Battery Grip is usually installed in the bottom of the camera, you can use the camera original lithium-ion batteries or AA batteries to extend the […]


A Great Investment to Photography lovers

You could be asked yourself to do I actually want a battery grip? In my opinion the answer is really a resounding yes! Even though a battery grip does add a little of size and bulk for your camera it really is rewards far outweigh the cons. The quantity one cause I favor for is […]

Canon BG-E6 battery gip for Canon 5D

Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip for Canon EOS 5D MARK II Review

The nice thing about Canon DSLRs without a built-in portrait/vertical grip (all non-1-Series bodies at this time) is that they are small and light. The big downside is that it is not comfortable to shoot in portrait/vertical orientation – especially for long periods of time. Thus, Canon makes Battery Grips for all of their non-1-Series […]

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