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Choosing a new lens for your DSLR is energizing but confusing?

For photographers at entry level, choosing a lens has been such a confusing thing for many beginners ,especially when they haven’t decided a specific interest of photography , landscape, portraits,animals etc different lenses are designed to cater to your different needs, when your standard 50mm lens can’t satisfy you enough, that’s when we realize it’s time to […]

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How to Extend the Life of the Camera and Lens

Camera and photographic lenses are very close and precious things, the most afraid of in use and storage is extrusion, collision or water vapour and the erosion of harmful gases. In shooting, do not remove the bottom half of the camera case, which can greatly reduce the wear floor camera angle, but also reduce camera […]

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Contrast Prime lens with Zoom Lens

If a new photographers want to upgrade the camera lens, he will face endless choices. DSLR lens has a large group to choose from, including both prime lens, but also have a zoom lens. This article will make a comparison of these two lenses to facilitate selection. Zoom Lens 1. Zoom lens allows photographers to […]


The Basic Methord to Protect the Camera Lens

Photography lens is an important part of the camera optical system, equivalent to the human eyes, if the person’s eyes goes wrong, they can not see things, the camera’s eye – lens, if something goes wrong, it can’t imaging very well. So we should protect our camera lens very carefully like to protect our eyes. […]

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