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DSLR Follow Focus

Do-it-yourself Rubbing Centered DSLR Follow Focus

Within the following post, Eric Au will certainly reveal his making of A Do it yourself follow focus system. We all would have a KNE’X stick to concentrate before, nevertheless, this one brackets on the system., and has a very pro check out this. As the more knowledge about this kind of develop are usually […]

Shoulder Mount Rig

Dslr shoulder rig reviews linkdelight

I used to be a bit stressed purchasing this regarding my personal 60d however decided for the price what is. Well let me tell you I am really impressed, this can be a excellent rig for the money. The particular stick to concentrate is actually clear. I am not to thrilled with all the contact […]

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Shoulder Mount in linkdelight= Perfect DSLR shoulder Kit

This may probably be the initial of many product critiques which i’m going to begin publishing. Being a video grapher and professional photographer within NYC, i’m constantly looking for the most effective items of kit to help keep me fast, mild on my small toes, and more importantly; not spending all of my personal funds […]

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