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Review of MB-309

MB-309 LED Studio Light Review

The MMBEL MB-309 LED Studio Light with 1188 LEDs & Bi-color for professional photography First of all, you can check the specifications below: Light Source: 1,188 LEDs Colour Temperature: 3,200k to 5,600K Wattage: 72W Light Intensity: 6,800 lux @ 3.3’ (1.0 m) Beam Angle: 60 degrees CRI: =85 Lamp Life: 50,000 hours Power Requirements: 100-240VAC, […]


Using Ring Led Light to Save Your Money

Inside the year 1952 a man by the name Lester A. Dine invented the Ring Light, it was originally invented for the use of Dental photography. It’s a circular light that fits about the lens or the protective glass in the supply. By surrounding the lens or the protective glass, an equal distribution with the […]

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