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Winter Snow Photography Equipment Guidelines: Photography Equipment Need to Keep Warm

One more ” Winter ” photography works make a person delightful, and also make love digital of fever photographers want to try. Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, some photographers made the shooting plan, to see beautiful snow scenery at the same time, they also want to keep the beautiful scenery under the lens. However, taken […]


The Basic Methord to Protect the Camera Lens

Photography lens is an important part of the camera optical system, equivalent to the human eyes, if the person’s eyes goes wrong, they can not see things, the camera’s eye – lens, if something goes wrong, it can’t imaging very well. So we should protect our camera lens very carefully like to protect our eyes. […]

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Linkdelight Mobile Website Has Been Launched

Linkdelight has been launched a mobile website on June 29. More and more people will have a new experience online shopping. Shenzhen, China, July 17, 2013 – Linkdelight Company has been launched its mobile phone website for mobile phone users to make the site more friendly for its growing global customer base. “As we know […]

DSLR shoulder mount rig follow focus

Big Discount DSLR Shoulder Mount Rig Follow Focus Review

Consisted of DSLR/VCR Shoulder Mount Rig, Follow Focus ,Matte Box and Matching Gear Belt, this DSLR shoulder mount rig follow focus which is an functional photography equipment for the DSLR or video camera owners to achieve more smooth, steady and precise focus control while shooting. And from a features and usefulness for the price perspective, […]


Light Painting Adorns the End of the Dragon Year

Time flies! We will say goodbye to the Chinese Dragon Year in about one month and then we shall have a nice celebration at the beginning of 2013. Every year LinkDelight has special program to thank every customer. This year, the Light Painting Contest will be a featured one different from the past years. Before […]


Several Techniques for Food Photographer

We often see so many nice pictures about food in the advertisements. Those excellent food photos usually induce a physical response. If the food photo is great enough, it can make you hungry, make you salivate and make you want to get some food for yourself. On the whole, the big food photography site on […]


Why not give your pet an individual photography?

Nowadays it is very common to have personal photography in many photo studios. It is a new industry for photography and maybe it has been a trend. When talking about the wedding photography, baby photography or pregnancy photography, some people have experienced of them. However, there is another photography which is specially designed for your […]


Tips of underwater photography equipment

Underwater cameras varies considerably in type and quality. Obviously, affordable throw away underwater cameras are plentiful at tourist spots. However, these cheaper kinds produce low-cost, poor quality pictures. The best thing which might be said about underwater disposables is that they are cheap: you receive what you pay for. Underwater PhotographyFortunately, far better underwater photography […]


More convinient to purchase photography equipment than before

Purchasing photography equipment is usually tricky, just in case you haven’t done this before. Certain nations levy taxes, that are named responsibilities. AdditionallyFurthermore, you have to deal with the exchange rate involving the money and also the money of the nation that you’re going to in. Fortunately, if you wish to purchase camera gear from […]


How to make perfect Lightings

Choosing lenses demands both understanding of and knowledge about various kinds of lenses. Although knowing which lenses work best in given conditions is essential, a photographer also chooses a particular lens to make a specific photographic effect. Light, composition and subject matter of your scene all influence photographers’ various lenses. Wide-Angle Lens However some is […]

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