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Cheap DSLR VCR Shoulder Mount Rig kit

This DSLR VCR Shoulder Mount Rig kit includ 7.0″ Pro HD LCD Monitor,DSLR/VCR Shoulder Mount Rig RL-02, Follow Focus, Matte Box, Universal 15″ Whip for Follow Focus, DV Stereo Microphone, 11″ Magic Arm and Mini Clamp. Find it here. This 7.0″ Pro HD LCD Monitor is designed to be used as an external video display, […]


Low Cost DSLR Rig Shoulder Mount Kit For DSLR Camera Camcorder

  When you search google for a DSLR Rig, you’ll find a ton of these ‘Movie Kit Shoulder Mounts’. DSLR VCR Rig Shoulder Mount For DSLR Camera DV HDV Camcorder is Easy For Shooting Viewing The Ideal For Canon 5D Mark II/7D/550D/60D/T2i/600D … For Nikon D90/D5000/D7000/D3100/D200… … For Panasonic AG-HMC153MC GH-1 GH-2 GF-1 GF-2… . […]

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