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Light Painting Adorns the End of the Dragon Year

Time flies! We will say goodbye to the Chinese Dragon Year in about one month and then we shall have a nice celebration at the beginning of 2013. Every year LinkDelight has special program to thank every customer. This year, the Light Painting Contest will be a featured one different from the past years. Before […]


Several Techniques for Food Photographer

We often see so many nice pictures about food in the advertisements. Those excellent food photos usually induce a physical response. If the food photo is great enough, it can make you hungry, make you salivate and make you want to get some food for yourself. On the whole, the big food photography site on […]


Don’t miss it if you want to make your life colorful

Every day we go to work in the morning and go back home in the evening. We have different task about work to finish. It seems that every one looks so busy in the street. This is life, no matter where you work. We seem to get used to living in fast pace of live, […]


Top handsome faces in London Olympics

It is the eighth day of the Olympic Games. When talking about London Olympic, what we concern most is the number of the medals our nation gets. Every one wishes his own country win more medals than other nations. Of course, this is a best wish. The Olympic spirit is the most important. As we […]

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