Top handsome faces in London Olympics

It is the eighth day of the Olympic Games. When talking about London Olympic, what we concern most is the number of the medals our nation gets. Every one wishes his own country win more medals than other nations. Of course, this is a best wish. The Olympic spirit is the most important. As we know, most of the athletes in London Olympics are the generation after 90s. Every Olympic Game appears many “new faces”. It is a symbol of the development of our world and we can witness the progress of Olympics. Maybe this is the real ideal of Olympic Games.

Now as London Olympic is now making brisk headway, people watch the competitions and at the same time most of the audience would like to judge who is the most beautiful person among all the athletes. We can take gymnasium match for an example. In Men’s Team Gymnastics, China wins the champion. Their excellent performance leaves people all over the world a strong impression. But when talking about the Japanese gymnast Kato Ryohei, many people especially the females would say that he is the most handsome man among all the athletes in London Olympics. Since Kato Ryohei is so charming and young, he attracts many girls’ attention when he appears in the Gymnastics game. Even Japan wins the silver medal, Kato Ryohei is still one of the most handsome athletes.

We have to say Kato Ryohei really has a handsome face and he is charming enough to attract audience. However, Chen Yibin’s performance also makes us a strong impression that he is a hero in our mind. He can be called one of the most handsome persons since he is a four-time world champion on still rings. He is very good at Rings and he has won gold for China in men’s team gymnastics as well as gold on the Rings in 2008 Olympics. His still rings performance is described as “perfect” and “textbook-worthy”, highly acclaimed for its precision and high level of difficulty.
Comparing Kato Ryohei with Chen Yibing, who is the more handsome? I believe everyone has a different idea about how to judge a man’s personality. The Olympic spirit helps people all over the world make a progress. It is worth learning. If you judge a person simply by appearance, then you will lose the real definition of beauty. We hope to see more “handsome” faces in London Olympics.


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