How to Crop Images Proportionally ?

Written by Anna Wang Tuesday, 27 July 2010 17:17

Sights of some being reflex which are occasionally obtained a difference between framing while aiming and framing the picture printed by the sensor . That is why today , I propose a very simple tutorial to reframe your shot is keeping the original proportions of the picture.

Naturally , we start by opening the image in Photoshop

1 - Create a new layer .

We will create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) And place it above the layer of the original picture .

2 - Create an outline

We will then create an outline around the empty layer .
We begin by making a selection: Select -> select all (Ctrl + A )
Then we create the outline : edit - > stroke

The thickness did not matter much , I use a thickness of 10 pixels .
Important, once the outline to create , keep the selection active .

3 - Choice of framing

We will now make the choice of frame, using the function " transformation manual " : edit -> transform options ( Ctrl + T )
To maintain the proportions of the layer, and thus the image, while moving the mouse to do the framing, you must keep pressing the key Shift.

Once the choice of framing or Cropping done , confirm with the enter key.

Important , again you must keep the current selection for the next step .

4 - Crop the image

To complete the image proportion , it 's all you have to crop : image - > crop

And voila , your image is cropped and you kept the proportions of the original image . You can also make a crop by using the function "size of the workspace"But my approach has the advantage of being accurate because much is visualized directly the result .

Hopefully this tutorial will be helpful to many of you .

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