Prize Presentation for 1st round of Easter’s Gifts

Written by pepper.yang Friday, 22 March 2013 10:51

Here is the prize presentation for the 1st round of Easter’s Gifts –“Free 7” Tablet PC, Get It Now!”, each winner will be rewarded a tablet pc. Congratulations!

1, @Malak Elhob (Got 346 shares but actually from 321 friends)
2, @Shehan Niyas (Got 313 shares but actually from 297 friends)
3, @Andrew Fernando (Got 306 shares but actually from 282 friends)

PS. The 3 friends who 3 winners have tagged will get a 5USD gift card

Please send us message before 31th Mar if you win the gift. And ask the 3 friends your tag to contact us. Otherwise, the winner will be deemed a waiver. Thank you!

Let’s looking forward to the 2nd round of gifts giving away.

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