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Canon EOS 450D 500D 1000D Split Screen Installation

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  • We only offer an installation instruction as following. The split screen may be not the same, but the installation method is the similar.
  • In the installation instruction, some tools we do not offer, you can use the similar tools to replace.
  • If you do not have any experience to install the split screen, you will take a few risk of breaking the camera when you install it. So you’d better install it under the guide of the experienced man.
  • We are not responsible for any broken or damage caused when you install this item, except the quality problem of the item itself.

Pls prepare the split screen, tweezer, fingerstall and cleaning your hands, then Start.

Step1 Step2
  <1>This is Canon EOS 500D/Kiss X3/ Rebel T1i camera.  
  <2>Please reverse and Standing this camera.  
Step3 Step4
  <3>Please watch for position of seeing the foam.  
  <4>Angled the foam with the Tweezers can see an eyelet.  
Step5 Step6
  <5>Please take out "Tweezers" in the packing and make use of Tweezers point into the eyelet of switch and "press downward first " "push inside after" can open the spring lock .  
  <6>Please take out the spring lock be careful, don't harm mirror and clip the original focusing screen edge and take out of the camera.  
Step7 Step8
  <7>This is the spare parts(1.Spring lock 2.focusing screen) for taking out.  
  <8>This focusing screen is for Canon 500D.  
Step9 Step10
  <9>Please clip the focusing screen edge and put the inside of the camera.  
  <10>Putting the spring slice returns.  
Step11 Step12
  <11>Attach the spring slice.  
  <12>You can use Clip to fix screens lock ,can also use thumb of left hand, Don't forget to want a thumb to put on "fingerstall".(There are two fingerstalls in the package.)  
Step13 Step14
  <13>Operate carefully until it locks in place.  
  <14>The focusing screen already install completion.  
~~Then test~~
  <15>This is the focusing screen that the viewfinder window sees.  
  <16>This is the appearance which didn't focus.(24-70/2.8).  
  <17>This is the focus appearance.